Women’s hand-stitched peccary driving gloves color bordeaux


The peccary is a medium-sized mammal belonging to the pig family, which slightly resembles the wild boar or warthog. They are wild animals, so they are not raised on farms, but hunted for their hides. The best hides come from wild peccaries in Peru. The legal hunting of peccaries is strictly controlled by CITES guidelines, ensuring that they are not overhunted. This means that the peccary leather, if sourced legally, is sustainable and will not harm the environment. This also ensures that the supply of peccary hides is restricted, thus making it more valuable. Peccary leather is prized for its durability, elasticity and suppleness. This kind of leather is hard-wearing and if treated with care, peccary gloves can last a lifetime. Because the material is so tough and strong, it is difficult to damage gloves made from peccary leather through normal usage. These pair of unlined, bordeaux driving gloves are carefully hand-stitched, contributing to the value of the quality.

Important information for non-EU customers

For customers from non-EU countries delivery times are longer because this product requires the CITES export certificate, which regulates these wild species’ business. Therefore we will need before dispatch an additional 10 working days for the release of the CITES export certificate by the related Authorities.

Women's hand-stitched pecary driving gloves color bordeaux
Women’s hand-stitched peccary driving gloves color bordeaux