Neptune is the God of the sea and earthquakes in Roman religion, often depicted with a trident in his hand, a symbol of power, the one who dominates the seas. Just like our handcrafted masterpiece, made from shower-proof leather and three hand-stitched points on top that represent the trident of this design. Gala Gloves together with some experts has developed a “3S” suede leather: Solid colors, Showerproof and Supple touch. With the Nettuno glove style, Gala Gloves has created a versatile glove combining a touchscreen leather palm with a shower-proof suede top and three hand-stitched points with a beautifully finished piped edge. It has a lightweight feel and is soft to the touch with good stretch-resistance and durability. This glove is fully cashmere lined and finished with a leather-covered button snap closure to hug the wrist and sit neatly under a coat sleeve. A clean and elegant glove style, perfect for doing business on the move, indoors and out!

Men's nappa touch and suede 3S gloves cashmere lined
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