Men’s black peccary leather gloves cashmere lined


A highly luxurious style recognized throughout the world for exceptional quality and craftsmanship is our beautifully hand-stitched glove made from real peccary, a wild pig leather known for its unique strength whilst being extremely soft to the touch, an iconic piece of the best glove artisans. The result are gloves of exclusive quality and versatile charm: ideal for enhancing a distinctive outfit in all everyday occasions. For its particularly smooth and long lasting quality the peccary gloves today are know as a symbol of luxury and quality.

Important information for non-EU customers
For customers from non-EU countries delivery times are longer because this product requires the CITES export certificate, which regulates these wild species’ business. Therefore we will need before dispatch an additional 10 working days for the release of the CITES export certificate by the related Authorities.

Men's black peccary leather gloves cashmere lined
Men’s black peccary leather gloves cashmere lined
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