For us quality starts with the design of a product. Beginning with the purpose of the piece, we analyze and then design the item to be functional, beautiful and durable. Our gloves are made with the best materials, selected and tested them.
These gloves are one of our favorite examples of Neapolitan glove craftsmanship, recalling the elegance of the 1920s gentleman. Our artisans have brought back to life this classic luxurious style using a table-cut soft suede which is entirely hand-sewn with brown contrast stitching and finished with a traditional classic button closure on the inside wrist. The soft pure cashmere lining is color-matched to the external hand-stitch detail to further enhance the rich suede exterior color.
Inspired by the Decumano, an ancient Roman east-west road in Naples which evokes a timeless and unique historic quality.

Men's green suede leather gloves cashmere lined
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