For Neapolitans, an espresso coffee isn’t just a drink you have early in the morning, after lunch or in a bar with friends. An espresso in Naples is a customary way of life, practically a form of worship, an excuse for friends and family to come together. At the beginning of 1800, Cucumella, the Neapolitan Mocha pot was created and became an indispensable kitchen device for every single Neapolitan household.
An authentic Neapolitan espresso is always black with unmistakeable character and pleasurable taste, just like the Cucumella gloves in black nappa. Exceptional artisanal craftsmanship and a pleasure for driving are blended together in these black driving gloves, inspired by the authentic Neapolitan espresso blend: once tried, you cannot do without it.
A large V-shaped opening on the top of the glove with snap button detail on the inside wrist give a perfect snug fit, whilst the small perforations along the fingers allow for maximum breathability when driving your favourite car. The hand-stitched lengthened cords running along the fingers also show our passion for the finer details.

Women's black nappa leather driving gloves with points on fingers and unlined
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