Bespoke Gloves

Individuality, precisely.

The most valuable aspects of genuine Made in Italy products have been kept alive over many years: quality, passion for detail and meticulous handcrafted workmanship, perfectly combining the ability to create a uniquely tailored pair of gloves with ever evolving research and design development. These are features that attract the informed customer of the latest fashion trends and lead the very same customer to choose only from the best.

Every customer has a different story.
Because everyone is different!


We make your custom-made gloves

The process of making a pair of handmade bespoke leather gloves follows the very high-quality standards of our Contemporary Tradition ethos: from the measurement of the hand to the selection of the shape and type of leather, right up to packaging the gloves in a gorgeous gift box, all accompanied by a very strict quality control of both the materials used and of the quality of workmanship. The result is a pair of gloves like no other because it is made from the skill and dexterity of the most experienced glove-making craftsmen. Only by wearing these gloves can one truly understand that this is, in essence… the ultimate pleasure.

Making your bespoke leather gloves may take between five and thirty days, but don’t worry, it will be worth the wait and only enhance your pleasure when you receive them

How to measure your hand

We have created a video tutorial for you to take your hand measurements correctly.

Keep in touch

It has never been so easy to order and make a bespoke pair of leather gloves in your own unique size!

Just follow a few simple steps: go to the online shop, choose your favorite style, click on customize and give us your measurements. If you do not find what you’re looking for in terms of style, we will find a way to customize yourgloves together in terms of color,shape,type of stitch, and lining…

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