Leather gloves by Gala Gloves

The art of dressing the hand like a second skin

A contemporary tradition with its heart in the past and its vision set towards the future.

Alessandro Pellone

Elegant and refined. Gala Gloves leather gloves are works of art hand-crafted by specialist artisans who, for more than 80 years, on a daily basis, produce precious accessories following one of the most fascinating artisanal Neapolitan crafts: the art of leather glove making.

Every pair of gloves is produced thanks to a long and meticulously detailed process divided into 25 separate phases: from the hide selection to the stitching, which is followed by six steps of thorough quality control, in the pursuit of the imperfect perfection unique to manual work.

Since 1930, Gala Gloves boasts a long family history of teaching the generations that followed to research brand new styles, where the quality of materials and the mastery of their workmanship give shape to unique and priceless accessories.

Nowadays, the artisanal studio a few kilometres from Naples, is led by Alessandro Pellone, the master glove-maker who nurtures a focussed vision: to bring the sophistication of Made in Naples craftsmanship to the world’s attention.

To choose Gala Gloves is to wear
gloves which are unique and

Gala Gloves leather gloves are made by hand. This means that every single stroke of the artisan’s hands during the cutting, balancing and drafting stages, just like every detail of the quality materials used, cannot be entirely replicated.

This is how unique pieces are made.

These are characteristics which are highly appreciated by those who love to stand out from the crowd, and who like to complete their outfit with the perfect accessory.

Timeless Elegance
Gala Gloves leather gloves aspire to an elegance which, today as in the past, draw men and women from around the world because of their uniqueness.

An elegance which doesn’t follow fashion but gives it shape.